Saturday, December 03, 2005


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I am a firm believer in the imminent advent of global climate change. I believe this change is not cyclical, but due to the indiscrimate polluting of our planet through Carbon dioxide emissions and other toxic gases.One only has to observe the pollution eminating from the average city to understand that there must be a detrimental affect on the Earth's finely balanced ecosystem. Even if there is not 100% scientific proof that global warming is responsible fpr the predicted change in climate, we must take urgent steps now to reduce our carbon footprint. Every citizen should take proprietary measures to examine their own individual pollution and start to change their lifestyle (if necessary). Governments too must take stronger action using the media and educational fields to bring home the message. There should also be additional legislation where voluntary measures are not deemed successful. We have seen the Agricultural and Industrial revolutions which have helped to cause the current situation over the years. Now there must be more rapid progress in the Environmental revolution (which I believe started in the 1970's and continues today).There has been plenty of discussion although more is needed. Unfortunately the action has not kept up with the words and it has been left to individual governments of 'green' countries plus NGO's to try and limit their own pollutants. There is a definite role here for the United Nations. But where are they?It is too serious a problem to be left to market forces (as in the case of oil consumption) to regulate. There should be well-thought out plans and strategies to take us forward, These would then be marshalled and funded via the offices of the UN. Sanctions would be imposed on those countries not participating fully and fines levied by the UN. If for no other reason, we owe this to future generations and the integrity of our human existence alongside all other living species of this planet.