Saturday, September 17, 2005



The news of the fatal shooting of a TV Nova editor recently is more proof, if it were needed, of man's inhumanity to man. Michal was with his child when he saw a woman being attacked by a man. He intervened and was shot several times by the man. I didn't know Michal personally, but I am aware of some of the grief and sorrow that has been caused by this crazy and tragic incident. I hope this doesn't deter other public-spirited individuals from doing something to help those in trouble. Otherwise humanity is surely on a downward slide. One can debate Michal's actions but we must all honour his thoughtfulness and courage. Surely none of us know what we would have done in a similar situation. I hope for three things: His killer will quickly be brought to justice and punished appropriately. His family, friends and colleagues will soon find peace in their hearts and minds. Some kind of lasting tribute will be established to show that we all honour Michal and the help he offered to a complete stranger in trouble.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Bringing death and destruction to the gulf coast of the USA....Katrina the force 5 Hurricane proved that Mother Nature still rules and gave us a foretaste of what will happen if we continue to ignore the signs of impending natural catastrophe - just as the Bush Administration have done in New Orleans and surrounding area. This should be a lesson we all take on board now and remember it when we next vote! The world needs leaders of vision who are prepared to put Environmental issues at the very top of the political agenda and not be dictated to by commercial interests. 'If you are not man enough for the job Mr President/Prime Minister, wherever in the world you are.....Stand aside for someone who is!'