Sunday, January 30, 2005

Just another day in history.

So January 30th 2005 is a very important day in world history. For today I have posted my very first blog - this is it! Other events fade into relative obscurity as Gerimedic goes global........The problem is - I have no idea what to write? I am intellectually intimidated to venture out and add my X to all the other X's that are viewable. Who knows, there may be suicide bloggers out there, who will wreck my moderate world with their fanatacism. Oh well, here goes! All I have to do is figure out how I go about it and put my blog in the right place. It's all very complicated and I have no officials to help me poll my blog (sounds painful doesn't it). Do you think CNN will feature my blog on 'Your world today'? Maybe Monita Rajpal will read it out on air......She's beautiful isn't she? She can view my blog anytime. Who is your favourite CNN anchor? (I thought that was something that you dropped in the sea). What about Richard Quest? I digress of course, desperately thinking of something interesting to blog, after all world history is being made with this.........Maybe somebody would like to put me out of my misery - no suicide bloggers mind. Just kind, gentle bloggers who care for this world and all creatures in it......maybe blogging will bring people together in harmony - Muslim and Jew and Christian - George Bush and the rest of the world - Capitalist and Communist - Vegetarian and Carnivore - Rev. Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams (whatever happened to them) - Philip Morris and the W.H.O - Exxon and Greenpeace - the list is endless, who have I forgotten? Oh well, maybe spontaneous blogging is not to be recommended.....what say you?

My first cocktail of 2005

Not so much a blog - more an admission of guilt! Unfortunately it was quite strong! Posted by Hello