Saturday, April 08, 2006

This is the Greenpeace flagship RAINBOW WARRIOR sailing in the Tasman sea in 2005. Over 20 years since the original Warrior was sunk in a New Zealand harbour by French secret service agents, Greenpeace continues to sail the oceans of the world in a small flotilla of ships ready to defend the oceans against whalers, polluters, pirates, nuclear testers etc. In other words, protecting the natural marine environment from its worst enemy...MAN ....who is also its best friend. Which of the two are enemy or friend of the Sea? Maybe you think living in a landlocked country absolves you from any responsibility? But you eat and use products that are transported across oceans, caught in oceans and come from we are all responsible......If you want to do something - why not join GREENPEACE and become an Ocean Defender! or
I became a member of Greenpeace and an activist in the 80's and have been writing letters/emails/signing petitions and spreading the word of environmental protection ever since. Not much of a contribution I admit....but better than doing nothing and in 2006, around 30 years since the idea of Greenpeace first came about - the organisation has had many successes against the polluters of the world - ranging from pirate ships to governments. Still preferring to back up words with direct non-violent actions around the world.

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