Sunday, August 07, 2005


There is only one explanation for the number of Brits who shame themselves and others at home and abroad, by their inability to hold their drink. The British are quite aggressive as a race (witness our colonial past). Mix this latent aggression with copious amounts of alcohol and you have a recipe for violence towards people and property - all in the name of 'having a laugh'. I know this because I have spent 22 years of my life dealing with the public as an Ambulanceman/Paramedic. Where 70% of red (emergency) calls after 2100 hours were alcohol related - and that's a conservative estimate. I was also a lay Magistrate and saw the same anti-social problems associated with alcohol, via the court cases. Having lived in Prague for 6 years and witnessed drinking parties of Brits all too often. I can now confirm my reluctance to admit to being from the UK. Prague has attracted countless numbers of these people (usually young men) because of the cheap drink available here. Now more and more establishments are banning these groups due to countless incidents of drunkenness and violence. Interestingly, the Czechs (who are noted for their beer consumption) are not a problem when they get drunk - a little noisy perhaps, but you are still safe to walk the streets here at night. Czechs (unlike the British) have a phlegmatic attitude and rarely feel the need to destroy or injure when they drink a lot. Other European countries have a similar relaxed attitude after drinking - but not those from the UK where the beer is often weaker. So changing the licensing laws probably won't make much difference. The British need to improve their socialization skills and adopt a thoughtfulness, that currently, is sadly lacking in many young men and women.

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